Update #10

Hey, friends and followers! Here are the results from my questionnaire! It was a devastating blow for the name GORE! I am pretty happy with the result! I was also very surprised that many of you really loved the title GOHR and valued it as equally powerful! The art style was a close race! The high poly style received a lot of love but because many of you equally liked the low poly and the hi poly style the low poly style made the race. Thank you all so much for helping me! Also big thanks to those who didn’t like the questions! Your critiques helped a lot!

A short glimpse at the new logo and the winning art style

Update #9

Yesterday was a great day! I attended the Talk and Play event and showed GORE in public for the very first time! I also created a nice postcard for this event πŸ˜‰ Thanks to all the people who gave feedback and filled out my questionnaire!

This was the very first time in my career where I show my very own game to a larger audience in public!
Check out the Berlin Game Scene twitter stuff:


Update #8

Chests, potions and drinking potions. The prototype of GORE’s core mechanic is done. If you are living in and around Berlin you will be able to play this prototype at the next Talk and Play. Check out the schedule:

Update #6

The very first gameplay footage of the combat prototype! Currently, there is no sound in the game. The characters and environment are placeholders and do not resemble the final look. Although there is not much to see, there is a lot going on under the hood and it is possible to create more stuff. I will enhance this arena and post regular updates from now on.



Update #5

A Happy new Year!

I have updated theΒ About GORE page! Check it for some more information about the game.

First feedback on my design doc comes in. Surprise, surprise! The most difficult part seems to be the price tag. The guys feel pretty comfortable judging on how long this project might take, but don’t dare to say how much it takes to do this project! “…could be anything…”. I think I’ll have to investigate a bit further.

Or write an actual business plan? πŸ˜›

Or do a Kickstarter? Anyone out there having 25,5 million dollars left, for the very best low fantasy GORE experience hitting the shelves in 2019? Hit the PayPal button and let the magic happen!

Or skip the planning and do all the stuff on my own? Finished December 2042?

I’ll get back to you as soon as I have more to share!

Update #4

Face studies

Based upon my previous work, I took a closer look at the face of Protoloss. Until now, his eyes had been hidden by the helmet’s cast shadow. Though it looks cool, I noticed, that I took too much advantage of the shadow and never really cared about his hair and eyes. This was something I had to address.

So I got back to pen and tablet and started drawing the head. With and without a helmet. Because of the limited time I have (Christmas + Freelancing) I used good old comic book style techniques and almost no perspective on the face to quickly iterate colors and designs.

I am pretty happy with the result πŸ˜€

Especially the comic book style captured my interest, because it stands out and doesn`t look like the common PBR AAA Next Gen B**S** game…

What do you think? Do you like comic book style in games?

Protoloss: With helmet

Protoloss: Without helmet


Update #3

It’s been a while, but GORE is still alive! After a few month of dead silence on this page and a huge amount of work, I can now post, what I have achieved so far:

Writing the design documentation

This was a daunting task, but it is done!! I am pretty proud of it! A game overview document of 22 pages, nailing down the whole game and it’s core mechanics! I now have a complete story draft. I know the amount of monsters, creatures, bosses and the exact number of locations.

The hardest part was to get rid of all the ideas, which are impossible to afford right now. I killed every idea and feature, which is insane to have in a starting title.

Prototyping the climbing mechanic

Speaking of great ideas, that are impossible to afford right now. Climbing on monsters is precisely a feature that falls into this category. A coding friend of mine and I were trying to prototype this feature. While prototyping, I realized, why few games feature climbing on monsters. The beginning was promising, but we soon faced a lot of problems. We concluded that the best solution is creating a dynamic collision system for creatures. Collision for creatures and deforming limbs is handled differently than for rocks or walls. The collision of a static rock is an optimized version of the rock mesh. Plain and simple. The collision of a dynamic moving leg though consists of three capsule shaped objects. One for the thigh, one for the shin and one for the foot. Regardless how long or muscular the leg is, the shape of its collision objects is always a capsule. But we needed a collision that has almost the same shape as the leg; and also deforms, when the leg moves. If the shapes are just a capsules, many parts of the climbing character are intersecting with the leg. In a nutshell: We just had to rewrite Unreal’s collision code. And you know, you should be careful with that.

It is not impossible, but it takes an enormous amount of coding and animation hours. And this we can not afford right now. Maybe the climbing feature will come back as tier in a Kickstarter campaign πŸ˜‰

Next Steps 1: Production costs

With the design documentation now ready, I can calculate the production costs for GORE. A huge step towards making this game a real thing.

Next Steps 2: Artstyle

After doing a lot of prototyping in 3D and Animation, I can start focusing on doing real concept art for the game.

Update #2

Time for a new update! After preparing Protoloss for in-game use, the following things have been created:

a test level
a third person controller
basic movements idle, walk, jog and wall climb
basic AI, that follows and attacks the player
basic sword attacks with placeholder animations